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Medicare. Simplified. 

Our agency serves as a lighthouse in South Georgia, guiding you through the murky waters of Medicare.

Founded on core principals of Integrity, Service, & Trust our aim is to provide tailored solutions for our clients making Medicare decisions. Scroll down to learn more of our story. 

Our Story 

EZ Life started out of frustration. 


My father was quickly approaching his 65th birthday. Every time we would speak, he told me about letter after letter that he would receive in the mail telling him about the latest and greatest Medicare plans, when he should switch, and to call the 1800 number listed. 


He had spent roughly 20+ years in insurance prior to this time managing a large property and casualty insurance agency, but when it came time for him to make his own decision on a Medicare Plan there was nowhere to turn. 


Nowhere to tell you what a supplement was or what it did, Nowhere to answer if a Medicare Advantage plan is best, or just a part D plan, and nowhere where you could ask if it's best to wait and get Part B, or go ahead and sign up. Sure, you could call company A’s hotline and they will tell you  all about how their plan is the BEST that Medicare has to offer, but your questions never get answered, and you don't feel great about your purchase. 


I created EZ Life as a Medicare agency that does things differently. 

First, we have partnered with every Medicare advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Part D  plan offered in our 22 county region, in order to give our clients a direct choice of plans. 

Secondly, we take the time to sit without clients and educate them on what Medicare does, what their plan choices are and what they cover, and what their Medicare Insurance needs are. 

Lastly our service does not stop after we sign you up for a plan. We work year round to answer any clients questions and help meet their insurance needs.


We're here to help. Are you or a friend about to turn 65? Having trouble with your current Medicare Plan? Need questions answered?

 Let's connect.


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